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If you Purchase 1 case of any of our DRAWDOWN CARDS, we will send you FREE OF CHARGE 1 box of 500 DISPOSABLE PIPETS or 250 of our EXTRA FINE FILTER CONES.

History of B My Supply, Inc  


In the early nineties it became apparent that there was pretty much of a monopoly in the Drawdown Card Business. Therefore, the B MY Supply company undertook a program whereby we developed our own drawdown cards.

Drawdown cards (both all white and black & white) are the backbone of the Paint Testing Industry. Therefore the founding fathers of the B MY Supply had to develop a card that would not change color; would not wear off; & provide a great amount of adhesion to the topcoats applied. After a number of trial & errors, we finally felt we had developed a good card and therefore, we incorporated in 1992.
In the process of selling our drawdown cards, we were approached by our customers to sell other paint test items. 1 item that was greatly needed was a MEK resistant plastic drawdown bar that is much lower cost than the regular stainless steel variety. Also, to go along with the DD bar we developed a beautiful 3/8” glass drawdown plate with a chrome plated clip. Other items that came along were graystripe paper, tongue depressors, aluminum weighing dishes, jumbo PP pipets paper cups, etc. and we are always open to new ideas of items to sell.
Main personnel of the company are:
> Thomas P. Yates, President
> Martin F. Balow, V.P. of Sales
> Erica Balogh. California Sales
> Jim Andres, U.S. Sales

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