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If you Purchase 1 case of any of our DRAWDOWN CARDS, we will send you FREE OF CHARGE 1 box of 500 DISPOSABLE PIPETS or 250 of our EXTRA FINE FILTER CONES.


B My Supply GCP-M

Glass Clip Pad 8.5" x 12.5" x 3/8" MEDIUM (also available in small).
These popular, versatile, portable clip pads are in demand throughout the country! Designed for easy clean-up and uniform drawdowns, these Glass Clip Pads are used in paint labs, quality control, and plant bench testing stations, as well as retail paint store sales centers.
  B My Supply GCP-M
Product Details:  
Our Price: $90.00 per 1 box  
  $85.00 per 2 boxes  
  $80.00 per 3 boxes  
Quantity per Box: 1  
Ship Time: In Stock - Ready for Shipping!  
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